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NOVOFLEX Adapter Finder

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Select here the camera you want to use and/or the type of lens you want to adapt.

Please note, that due to technical reasons (flange focal length difference) only the camera-/lens combinations mentioned by the adapter finder are possible.

Camera mount descriptions
FourThirds = Olympus E-System, Panasonic Lumix L, Leica DigiLux
MicroFourThirds = Olympus PEN, Olympus OM-D, Panasonic Lumix G
Leica M = Leica M cameras; also compatible with Ricoh GXR with A12 module

NOTE: The electronic lens adapters (SL/EOS and SL/NIK) only work with Firmware 2.0 and higher installed on your Leica SL!
Both adapters were designed to extend the range of available lenses for the Leica SL. SL/EOS – Canon EF lenses. SL/NIK – Nikon E-type NIKKOR lenses.

The following functions are supported:

  • Autofocus in AFs mode
  • Aperture control
  • AF/MF Mode
  • Depth of field (values shown on upper camera display) (MF)
  • EXIF Data for aperture and focal length settings

Not supported:

  • AFc mode (c for continous)
  • Image stabilization

NOTE: The following only pertains to the manual NOVOFLEX lens adapters. It does not describe the electronic Adapters SL/EOS and SL/NIK.

The models ***/NIK, ***/MIN-AF, ***/PENT as well as all adapters named “NT” (for Nikon, Sony Alpha / Minolta AF and Pentax K lenses) are equipped with an integrated aperture control ring and can also be used with lenses that do not come with manual aperture control ring anymore.

Please note: Nikkor lenses with electronic aperture control (E-Nikkor lenses) can’t be used with NOVOFLEX lens adapters. Please check this list to see if your lens is an E-type lens.

Exception: For the combination Nikon lenses to Canon EOS cameras two versions are available:

  • EOS/NIK without aperture control
  • EOS/NIK NT with aperture control

Accessory for Sony NEX and MFT adapters

(click on the image for application examples)

When combining larger or heavier lenses with mirrorless cameras on a tripod, we recommend the use of the adapter collars ASTAT-NEX or ASTAT-MFT.

Connections: 1/4” and 3/8” thread, NOVOFLEX Q=System profile (ARCA-compatible)
Weight: 60g / 2.1 oz.

for EOSM, NEX and LEM/LER-adapters + E-mount lenses

Order code: ASTAT-NEX
Price: € 99,00

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for FUX, MFT, NIK1 and PENTQ- adapters

Order code: ASTAT-MFT
Price: € 89,00

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New adapter for EF-Mount lenses to Sony E-Mount cameras

Like all other NOVOFLEX-adapters this is a totally mechanical version. With original Canon EF-lenses aperture control is impossible.
This adapter is designed for EF mount lenses that utilize their own aperture control ring such as Canon EF Cine-Objektive, Zeiss Compact Prime-Objektive, Samyang, etc.

Order code: NEX/EOS
Price: € 149,00

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NEW versions of 3 adapters for Leica M cameras

Attention: You need a Leica M with life-viev (M240) to set the focus with the Adapter!

The range of lens adapters for Leica M cameras was extended.
3 new versions are available:


The new versions allow also the use of Sony alpha / Minolta AF / Nikon F / Pentax K lenses that do not come with an own aperture control anymore.

Special note for the adapter EOS/LER:

With Leica-R-lenses, having a wide stand back protection of the
rear lens, (lenses 2,8/15mm, 2,8/19mm, 2,8/24mm, 1,4/35mm and
Zoom 3,5-4/21-35mm) there will occur a malfunction of the
Canon EOS, the mirror will get caught on.
These lenses cannot be used with the adapter and the Canon EOS.

Special note for Nikon lens adapters:

With few Nikkor lenses of the G-series the weather sealing of the lens has to be removed.
This does not affect the function of the lens, of course.

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