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Bellows attachment CASTBAL T/S

NOVOFLEX pays tribute to the trend towards smaller cameras with this new and customized accessory:

The almost pocket sized Tilt-/Shift bellows attachment CASTBAL-T/S

In combination with the macro focusing rack CASTEL-Q the world’s smallest Tilt-/Shift bellows system comes to life.
It offers an easy and inexpensive way to dive even deeper into macro photography. The bellows attachment is simply put into the quick-release mount of the CASTEL-Q and is being clamped on the back side of the guide rail. The lens panel can be adjusted 25° to the left and right and you’ll be able to shift it within the quick-release mount of the focusing rack.

A whole range of adapters for 35mm-, mirrorless system- and medium format cameras and lenses is available making this the ultimate macro tool for many years to come.

For purposes were focusing to infinity (35mm and APS-C size sensor cameras) is required NOVOFLEX offers a special lens head by SCHNEIDER KREUZNACH (Apo DIGITAR 4,5/90mm), which is optimized for digital cameras. The focusing ranges from infinity to 1.2x magnification with 35mm cameras and up to 1.8x magnification with APS-C cameras. The lens head comes preassembled on the necessary adapter to start taking pictures immediately.
(focusing rack CASTEL-Q – not included in the scope of delivery)

Technical specifications:

  • extension max. 120mm (4.72 in)
  • extension min. 23mm (0.9 in)
  • Weight: 410g (0.9 lbs)

Bellows attachment (w/o focusing rack CASTEL-Q)

Order code: CASTBAL-T/S
Price: € 299,00

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Schneider Kreuznach Apo Digitar 4,5/90mm (preassembled) with lens hood

Order code: UNI-APO DIGI 90
Price: € 959,00

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(camera - not included in the scope of delivery)

Set consisting of:

  • Bellows attachment CASTBAL T/S
  • Focusing rack CASTEL-Q
  • Lens head (preassembled) Schneider Apo-Digitar 4,5/90mm UNI-APO-DIGI90
  • Lens hood SON40,5
  • Adapter A-UNI

When ordering please specify the camera model you want to use (35mm or mirrorless).
The neccessary adapter for your camera (A-ring EUR 69,90) will be added by us.

Order code: CASTBAL-TS90
Price: € 1.440,00

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