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Universal bellows BALPRO 1

Combinations galore

The NOVOFLEX BALPRO 1 universal bellows is the most versatile bellows on the market.

With its complete adapter ring system it supports almost any combination of lens and camera systems. You can combine most middle-format lenses and nearly all 35 mm lenses and special lenses with any size camera body up to 6 × 7 format.
Thanks to its compact dimensions, the BALPRO 1 is also ideal for on the road and in the field.

It is possible to create a fully automatic bellows for Canon EOS and Sony E-Mount users by combining the BALPRO 1 with the reverse adapters
EOS-RETRO for Canon EOS or NEX-RETRO for Sony E-Mount.

Please select the proper adapters to connect your camera(s)
and lens(es) of choice in the menu on the left

Technical specifications:

Size: h = 150 mm (5.9”), b = 115 mm (4.52”), l = 200 mm (7.87”)
Weight: 755 g (1.6 lbs)
Minimum extension: 40 mm (1.57“)
Maximum extension: 192 mm (7.55”)

Order code: BALPRO 1
Price: € 329,00

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Special lens head Schneider APO-DIGITAR 4.5/90mm


preassambled with Adapter and lens hood

Order code: PRO-APO-DIGI 90
Price: € 959,00

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