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This Duo-Flash holder for optimal positioning of two flash units is the outcome of extensive testing and many years of experience.
The Duo-Flash holder does away with earlier compromises between fast handling and compact design. Now positioning of the two flash units is completely flexible and adjustment is lightning fast. The camera base plate is attached to the bottom of the camera, the vario system supports two ball heads with flash shoes, and can be rotated and shifted freely. Because a ball head can be mounted virtually anywhere along the rails, a vast number of different flash positions is possible. And the whole system is quick and easy to reconfigure. The flexible design means the Duo-Flash holder can be dismantled very quickly; the resultant small package fits into most camera bags.

Dimensions: 36 × 4 × 8 cm (14.17 × 1.57 × 3.14”)
Weight: 370g (0.81 lbs)
Camera base plate with ARCA style dovetail

Order code: XX-HALTER
Price: € 159,00

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The Flash-Griff

Mounted on the newly-developed camera base plate, the grip offers a convenient method for positioning one of today’s large flash units either by screwing it directly to the ball head or sliding it into the flash shoe on the tilt head.
Flexible flash alignment and a hand strap that lets you keep a firm hold on the whole unit are two of the grip’s outstanding features. The grip can be unscrewed from the base plate and stowed away during transport.

Dimensions: Griff Ø 4,0 cm (1.57”),
Base plate 25 × 4 × 0,8 cm (9.84 × 1.57 × 0.31”)
Length: 13,8 cm (5.43”)
Weight: 450g (0.99 lbs)
Camera base plate with ARCA style dovetail

Order code: FLASH-GRIFF
Price: € 109,00

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Flashgriff-Extension set I:

Grip extension, stiff 20 cm (7.9”), to reach a higher flash position.

Weight: 42 g (1.5 oz)

Order code: X-STANGE 20
Price: € 25,90

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Flashgriff-Extension set II

flexible gooseneck, 23 cm (9.05”), for easy height adjustment of the flash.
to be mounted between grip and ball head.

Weight: 285 g (0.6 lbs)

Order code: ARM-K
Price: € 34,90

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The single components of the Flash-Griff can also be bought separately

Base plate

Dimensions: 25 × 4 × 0,8 cm (9.8 × 1.6 × 0.3”)
Weight: 230 g (0.5 lbs)

Order code: X-BASIS
Price: € 65,00

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Grip with strap (w/o ball head)

Weight: 160 g (0.35 lbs)

Order code: X-GRIFF
Price: € 49,90

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Ball head with hot-shoe

Weight: 92 g (0.2 lbs)

Order code: NEIGER 19
Price: € 27,90

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