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Focusing racks

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NOVOFLEX focusing racks are indispensable accessories for macro and stereo photography.

They can be mounted on any tripod and on the NOVOFLEX MS-REPRO macro reprostand.
The CASTEL-Q comes with Arca size dovetail clamping and was designed to fit the NOVOFLEX Q=BASE quick-release system.

It can also be mounted on any tripod head with 1/4” or 3/8” thread.
A second focusing rack converts the CASTEL-Q to a cross focusing rack of exceptional stability (see CASTEL CROSS).

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 200 × 100 × 33 mm (7.9 × 3.9 × 1.3”)
Glider width: 66 mm (2.6”)
Weight: 450 g (1 lb.)
Travel: 125 mm (4.9”)

Camera connector pieces (Q=Plates) not included.
For compatible plates click here

Order code: CASTEL-Q
Price: € 189,00

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Accessory for CASTEL-Q/XQ II

Fine adjustment handle

The new CAST-FINE allows an even finer adjustment of the focusing rack CASTEL-Q/XQ II.

Order code: CAST-FINE
Price: € 39,90

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CASTEL-L Focusing rack MC

The CASTEL-L has an integral camera quick-release connection (from the NOVOFLEX MiniConnect system) that allows quick mounting and dismantling of the camera equipment.

The focusing rack can be mounted either on a tripod head, or on a Q=BASE or Q=MOUNT quick-release connection.

Dimensions: 200 × 100 × 33 mm (7.9 × 3.9 × 1.3”)
Glider width: 66 mm (2.6”)
Weight: 420 g (0.9 lb.)
Travel: 140 mm (5.5”)

Camera coupling piece (1/4”) included

Order code: CASTEL-L
Price: € 189,00

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CASTEL-MINI Focusing rack

The CASTEL-MINI has a 1/4“ tripod connection.

Two fine-position drives give a total travel of 135 mm.
The CASTEL-MINI is the ideal tool for all macro photographers who are looking for a focusing rack that combines low weight with highest precision.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 130 × 80 × 55 mm (5.1 × 3.1 × 2.2”)
Weight: 280 g (0.61 lbs.)
Travel: 135 mm (5.3”)
Connections: 1/4” thread

Order code: CASTEL-MINI
Price: € 139,00

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