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MagicStudio REPRO

MagicStudio Repro-Stand

Reproduce without any problems up to DIN A3 or digitize slides right on your desk

Only the NOVOFLEX MS-Repro offers the flexible possibility to clamp onto every plate without loosing stability.

Due to its flexiblity NOVOFLEX MS-Repro supports:

  • reproduction of originals of any kind ap to DIN A3
  • electronic documentation with digital and analog camera systems

create an ideal environment for macro photography

Repro Dias

digitize and duplicate your slides from 35 mm to middle format

achieve best results with arrangements using different background papers

Technical Data:
pole length: 49,5 cm
weight: 1,5 kg
usable length: 41 cm
max. clamp width: 5 cm
ideal accessories: MS-LIGHT

Order code: MS-REPRO
Price: On request

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