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MagicStudio Zubehör

MagicStudio ART LIGHT

This illumination unit is also a Continuous Light Type, but delivers its own specific light characteristic which makes it especially suited for structural objects.

The unit is attached directly to the Baseboard with a powerful clamp.

lluminated area 125 × 100 mm with tripod mount, mains access unit (battery powerded operation with 6 x Micro AAA batteries

50 cm flexible arm with mit ball and socket head and universal clamp Universalklemme 42

NOVOFLEX has generally succeeded with the MagicStudio Lights to create a mobile technique with almost unlimited possibilities and a deep penetration into all varieties of photography in the broader concept.

The professional quality of Light together with the help of Continuous Delivery and the shadowless results make the Studio Light a unfailing companion for a multitude of assignments.

The NOVOFLEX Coldlight for Macro applications is therefore also the indispensable tool with its special highlights and its variable illumination possibilities.

Order code: MS-ART-LIGHT
Price: On request

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