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A popular series of innovative wraps made of blue neopren, a highly elastic material (up to 30%) for optimal wrapping of cameras and lenses. High-quality velcro fasteners over the full overlap. These wraps are highly recommended as reliable protection for your valuable equipment.

Colour: outside: light blue, inside: dark blue. Available in four sizes.

Wrap size: S

Size: 20 × 20 cm,
ideal for Small cameras, cell phones, accessories

Order code: BLUEWRAP S
Price: € 11,90

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Wrap size: M

Size: 28 × 28 cm,
ideal for SLR bodies and small lenses, flash units, small camcorders

Order code: BLUEWRAP M
Price: € 17,90

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Wrap size: L

Size 38 × 38 cm,
ideal for Telephoto lenses, cameras with small lenses, camcorders

Order code: BLUEWRAP L
Price: € 27,90

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Wrap size: XL

Size: 48 × 48 cm,
ideal for Cameras with large telephoto lenses

Order code: BLUEWRAP XL
Price: € 39,90

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