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MultiMedia Rig System


The BlueBird Kit of the Multi-Media-Rack System is the basis for positioning a DSLR camera securely in front of the body.

The two handgrips that come with the kit make it possible to operate the camera precisely and comfortably and the integrated chest support distributes the weight on the body, so that long working hours do not become tiresome.

The principal marvel, however, is the central joint of this system, which is a specially optimized MagicBall joint that gives the operator the ability, for the first time, to combine horizontal swiveling with a vertical camera movement that is new and unique. This allows completely new video perspectives that now become possible by the combination of the small DSLR exposure unit and the use of the NOVOFLEX BlueBird System. This total freedom of camera movement is not possible with the usual rigid shoulder rack systems.

Delivered in a high quality bag.

Weight: 2,0 kg

Order code: MMR-BLUEBIRD
Price: € 799,00

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