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Multi Media Rig System


The NOVOFLEX uFly is the ultimate flying steady system for DSLR- and video cameras with specialties like extreme perspectives at ground level and free- floating camera movements at body height.

Once the system is properly balanced by the attachment of the camera unit and the handle unit, smooth camera movements become child’s play, even in extreme camera positions.
The system can be made ready for transportation by collapsing it into very small units with only a few hand movements.
Depending on the exposure situation, there are different attachment possibilities for the hand grip, the camera system, and the counterweight. This helps to expand the flexibility of applications of the uFly enormously.

The flexibility and the number of application possibilities can be further expanded by combining it with the BlueBird System.
This creates an ideal unit for moving a camera freely and smoothly stable. Yet in spite of all the stability and flexibility, the systems can be collapsed into a very small-sized package in only a few seconds.

Dimensions: 26.5×47×4cm (10.5×18×11.5 inches)
Weight: 1675 gram (4 lbs 11 oz)

Order code: MMR-UFLY
Price: € 599,00

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